1. How does MoreThanCure work?

  2. Is your service anonymous? I concern a lot about my privacy.

    Privacy is our biggest concern too. All of our products are anonymous. You don't have to tell us who you are, provide us your email, register with us, or give away your social media identity. We don't need any personal health information to serve you. The only exception so far is our "Contact Us" form. You have to provide a name and an email account. Feel free to use a fake name and a junk email account if you don't want to hear back.

  3. Why my query symptom gets no result from MTC Diagnosis Miner?

    As the name suggests, we mine diagnoses, not symptoms. For example, on symptom of high blood pressure, you must first check with a doctor and learn about its most common medical condition - hypertension. Then submit it to MTC Diagnosis Miner.

  4. How accurate is your numbers, charts or plots?

    Sampling incurs bias. We try to include most of the data at hand to provide accurate result. But the bias will still exist and some of the charts/numbers will be affected more heavily than others.

  5. Can I trust the popular drugs section of MTC Diagnosis Miner and use them for treatment?

    Always check with your doctor on any medication. We are not providing medical advices or services.

  6. Can I query multiple medical conditions at the same time?

    MTC Risk Exposer will be the place to find out the consequences of multiple conditions together. Don't submit multiple conditions to MTC Diagnosis Miner at the same time.