Our Story   

We mean data

We use data to help the patients.

"I went with the surgery quoted $1K-$2K, which turned out to be a $6K bill. No attorney wanted to pick up my case due to the amount involved. I felt cheated, and wanted to help all my peer patients with the crowd-sourced information from the de-identified big data."

With the knowledge fusion technology developed in-house, MoreThanCure is able to provide the information that you cannot find anywhere else. Started as a frustrated patient being surprised by his medical bill, MoreThanCure aim to bring the full spectrum of healthcare data analytics to the public. We equip our users with the knowledge when they need a numeric picture about the medical conditions.

Everyone's knowledge, you drive

We develop the cutting edge algorithms to extract human-digestible information from the data. We incubate the technologies that propel the knowledge discovery with the curiosity of our users. The way the users use our services reflects their curiosity regarding to the knowledge they want to know. Our exploration engine translates the curiosity into data mining instructions, distills the information, and serves.

The more the users use our service, the more we will explore; and in return, the more the users can discover.

Privacy for the public

All the data we used is under the regulation of HIPAA. We value your privacy and will not ask for any personal information from our users (except the case when you contact us, we will ask your email so we can respond).

Find the right providers, and stop the waste

We also hooked up the Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data with MTC Diagnosis Miner. This helps our users to find the experienced and specialized provider for their query condition around their local areas. Moreover, our users will have the opportunity to review what medical procedures their local providers have done, and in what volumes. If a provider is charging an abnormal amount of services against his local peers, the user can report to our suspect list. We belive this will be a way to reduce the waste to our healthcare system, and thus our tax bill.

Down the road

Be part of the revolutional cycle and join us in the exploration journey.